Board of Directors and Executive Officers

Sadanori Iwamoto

President and Representative Director

brief personal record
July, 1996Product Manager, Nichimen Electronic Components Corporation (now E-Globaledge Corporation)
June 2002Senior Director of Sales, Intervideo Japan K.K. (now Corel K.K.)
February 2008General Manager, Sales Division, VIDAIS Corporation (now VIDAIS Corporation)
March 2010Director and General Manager of Sales and Marketing Division
March 2015Managing Director of the Company
October, 2015Director, Information Space Inc.
November, 2016Director, Tao Software Co.
February, 2017President and Representative Director of the Company (to present)

Masao Usami

board member

brief personal record
April 1998Section Manager, Sales Department, Nichimen Electronic Components Corporation (now E-Globaledge Corporation)
February 2006General Manager, OEM Sales Department, Intervideo Japan K.K. (now Corel K.K.)
September 2010Senior Sales Manager, CyberLink, Inc.
September 2013Senior Sales Director, Aegis Technology, Inc.
April, 2015General Manager, Sales and Marketing Division
April, 2017General Manager, Service Business Headquarters (present post)
April, 2008Vice President and Representative Director, InfoSpace Inc.
March 2023Director of sMedio Technology (Shanghai) Inc. (currently GreenBee Technology (Shanghai) Inc.

Yoji Ochiai

Director (Outside/Independent)

brief personal record
April 1987Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court
April 1989Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office
September 2000Yahoo Japan Corporation
October 2000Registered as an attorney (Tokyo Bar Association)
November 2001Yaesu Daiichi Law Office
September 2008Sengakujimae Law Office opened
April 2010Specially Appointed Professor, Tokai University Graduate School of Practice and Law (Law School)
December 2013Auditor (Outside), Webcrew Inc.
March 2015Director of the Company (Outside) (to present)
April, 2008Representative of Takanawa Kyodo Law Office (current position)
January 2020Auditor of AS Japan Inc.

Li, Xinxin

Director (Outside)

brief personal record
June 1987Joined Manufacture Hanover Trust Bank, Taipei Branch, Export Accounting Department
May 1990Joined Bank of Boston, Manager, Correspondent Banking Department, Taipei Branch
June, 1995Joined Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale Bank, Assistant Representative, Taipei Office
June 1999Deputy General Manager, International Finance Department
August 2000Joined Acer Capital Corporation, Finance Department and Assistant to the Chairman
December 2004Joined iD Branding Fund Inc.
August 2007Joined EgisTech Inc.
January 2009Representative Director, SBI&Capital 22 Inc.
September 2009Director of the Company (Outside)
January 2013Corporate Auditor, Jinghui Capital Management & Advisory Co.
January 2014Representative Director, Twenty-second Century Capital Management & Advisory Co.
September, 2016Representative Director, Kiwi Technology Inc.
January, 2017Director, Jinghui Capital Management & Advisory Co.
March 2022Representative Director, Jinghui Capital Management & Advisory Co.
May 2022Director of CINDING TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (present post)
June 2022Outside Director of Hai Yue International Development Co.
January 2023President and Representative Director, Kiwi Technology Corporation (to present)

Yuichiro Eto

Auditor (Full-Time) (Outside/Independent)

brief personal record
April 1989Joined Asahi Shin Accounting Corporation (currently KPMG AZSA LLC)
March 1992Registered as a Certified Public Accountant
November 1999Joined Century Ota Showa Century Audit Corporation (currently Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC)
July, 2008Representative of Eto Certified Public Accountant Office (present post)
March, 2019Corporate Auditor of the Company (Outside) (to present)

Kichi Hongo

Corporate Auditor (Outside/Independent)

brief personal record
April 2000Senior Manager, Legal Department, Hikari Tsushin Capital Inc.
October 2001Senior Manager, Legal Department, SBI Holdings, Inc.
August 2006Established Indipa Corporation Representative Director (to present)
September 2009External Corporate Auditor of the Company (Outside) (to present)
July, 2016Director (Outside), Shinsei Kougyou Co.

Yoshihiko Sugimoto

Corporate Auditor (Outside/Independent)

brief personal record
October 1989Joined Showa Ota & Co.
August 1993Registered as a certified public accountant (current position)
July, 2015Director (Outside), Matsumoto Corporation (to present)