GX Service Business

GreenBee provides one-stop GX services to contribute that customer decarbonizes their businesses.

As society as a whole moves toward the realization of decarbonization, demand for storage battery systems is expected to grow rapidly for the purpose of adjusting electricity supply and demand and for business continuity planning (BCP) measures. The Japanese government has declared that Japan will be carbon neutral by 2050, and the deployment of storage battery systems is essential to achieving this goal.

GreenBee sees this situation as an opportunity to build and strengthen a supply chain (supply network) that can provide a one-stop service from consulting to installation and operation, with a lineup of storage battery systems and related renewable energy products.

One of the main reasons for our decision to enter the renewable energy business is that the storage battery system is a field in which we can fully utilize the technologies we have cultivated over the years. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to enter the renewable energy business.
Our goal is to become a corporate entity with high existence value by giving back to society and solving problems through providing solutions for decarbonization.

GreenBee is total GX Solution provider from Technical consultation to Implementation centralized on EMS cloud service.

Centralized management of information in the EMS cloud,
We provide all aspects of implementation, from design to installation, tailored to each segment.


Product Lineup


Solution Case Studies

Industrial Photovoltaic Energy Storage Systems

Sales Customers
Renewable energy service providers, factories, municipalities, etc.
business model
B2B, B2B2B
Product Configuration
Packaged and stand-alone sales of industrial energy storage systems, solar panels, EV chargers, EMS cloud services, and data loggers in combination

Residential Solar Energy Storage System

Sales Customers
House manufacturers, mass merchandisers selling photovoltaic power generation and storage systems, construction companies, etc.
business model
Product Configuration
Package and stand-alone sales combining home energy storage systems, solar panels, EV chargers, EMS cloud service, and data loggers

EMS Cloud Service

Sales Customers
Mass retailers and PCS manufacturers selling storage battery systems
business model
Product Configuration
Selling a combination of dedicated data loggers and cloud services