Corporate Philosophy and Action Guidelines

Corporate Philosophy

GreenBee Corporation will further expand its "DX Service Business," which contributes to the improvement of workflow, and take on the challenge of the "GX Service Business," which provides total solutions centered on energy management services and contributes to energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction, while emphasizing environmental friendliness and the spirit of collaboration and utilizing its accumulated knowledge in technology. emission reductions by providing total solutions based on energy management services].

guidelines for action

1. Customer centricity
We will always focus on the needs of our customers and place the highest priority on providing products and services that will ensure customer satisfaction.
2. Thorough pursuit of quality
We pursue high quality thoroughly and aim to maximize customer satisfaction.
3. Emphasis on speed
We will emphasize speed as a source of corporate competition and work with speed from management decision-making to implementation.
4. Collaboration
We work together as a team to achieve our mission while maximizing performance.
5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
As a member of society, we will act with high ethical standards.