Kiwi technology Temperature/Humidity/CO2 Sensor Device (LAS-302V2)


IoT sensor for measuring carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity that supports LoRa wireless method

The LAS-302 series is an IoT sensor that can measure carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity using LoRa wireless technology. The LAS-302V2 is available in two models. The measurement interval can be changed from 1 minute to 60 minutes at 1-minute intervals, and since it is LoRaWAN-compatible, it can be combined with LoRaWAN-compatible gateways and servers to monitor carbon dioxide concentration.


  • LoRa wireless communication method
  • Micro USB connection (DC adapter driven)
  • Hook holes on the bottom for wall mounting

Usage Scenes

  • school
  • Office
  • plant
  • Hotel
  • hospital
  • department

(technical) specification

Technical Specifications
memory16 Kbytes
FLASH128 Kbytes
CO2 concentration measurement
Measuring range400 to 10000ppm
Measurement accuracy± (70ppm +3% of reading) Extended range +-10% of reading
resolution1 ppm@400ppm, 25°C2 ppm@3000ppm, 25°C
Temperature measurement
Measuring range0 ~ 50°C
Measurement accuracy±0.6°C at 5°C to 50°C ± 0.9°C at 0°C to 5°C
Humidity measurement
Measuring range5 ~ 85% RH
Measurement accuracy±5.0%RH at 25°C, 50%RH
resolution0.1% RH
wireless communication
LoRaKiwi TLM992S
LoRa frequency band920.6 ~ 928MHz for JPN
LoRa Data Rate0.244 ~ 18.2 Kbps
LoRa Transmit Power-2 ~ +20 dBm
LoRa Sensitivity-137 dBm
antennaBuilt-in type 2dBi
Measurement Specifications
Measurement and transfer intervalMinimum 1 minute. Can be changed in 1-minute increments.
interfaceDC5V micro USB x1 (for power supply)Reset button x1
power (button on TV, etc.)DC5V (micro USB connection)
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (mm)95 x 94 x 27 mm
Weight (excluding accessories)140g
Operating temperature0 ~ 50 °C
Storage temperature-40 ~ 70 °C
CertificationsTELEC/ VCCI