Kiwi technology HACCP-compliant temperature sensor for refrigerated freezers (LAS-603)


Wireless temperature monitoring sensor for refrigerators and freezers

This temperature sensor is designed to monitor the temperature of refrigerators and freezers. The frequency setting can be switched between 868 MHz (Europe), 915 MHz (USA), and 920 MHz (Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand). The LAS-603 contributes to WW HACCP's goal of food safety.


  • Temperature sensing and alert function
  • Includes package of 2 lithium batteries (2400mAhx2) at time of purchase
  • Easy attachment to metal with magnet
  • Long-Term Stability and Full Temperature Compensation with TI Digital Air Temperature Sensor ICs
  • Operating temperature: -30°C~70°C
  • Low power consumption and wide range (LoRa) emission mode
  • Low drift, fast response time
  • Small size, easy installation, high stability
  • Waterproof level: IP65
  • Lithium batteries provide up to 5 years of long-lasting capability
  • Configuration of various LoRa parameters, sensing intervals, and frequency bands used can be changed.
  • Appropriate time for resumption of measurement after completion of defrosting work for refrigerator maintenance is 2 hours

Usage Scenes

  • Temperature monitoring in open showcases
  • Temperature monitoring in walk-in refrigerators
  • Temperature monitoring in refrigerated trucks
  • Temperature monitoring in mobile refrigerators

(technical) specification

Technical Specifications
LoRaLoRa module (TELEC certified) frequency : 868~ 930MHz
Temperature measurement range-30°C~70°C
Measurement toleranceTyp. ± 0.3 °C (maximum ± 0.4 °C)
Measurement resolution0.1°C
Measurement IntervalCan be changed from LoRaWAN cloud server every 5 minutes
transmission intervalEvery 4 hours 1 hour /2 hours/4 hours (default) Can be changed from LoRaWAN Cloud Server
Dimensions64 x 75 x 37mm
Operating Consumption<0.6W
Battery typeLithium battery (2 pcs. package) 2400mAhx2
box casePC+ABS
Dimensions64 x 75 x 37mm
Storage temperature-40°C~+85°C
Operating temperature-30°C~+70°C
Operating relative humidity5%~95%
life span>5 years @ -20°C