Kiwi technology HACCP compliant temperature/humidity sensor (LAS-603V2)


Wireless temperature and humidity monitoring sensor for indoor use

LAS-603V2 is an IoT sensor that can measure temperature and humidity using LoRa wireless technology, and can transmit measured data wirelessly in conjunction with a LoRaWAN server. (data transmission once per hour)


  • LoRa wireless communication method
  • Lithium-ion battery powered
  • No battery replacement required for 5 years (1 data transfer per hour)
  • Wall hooks and magnets available on the bottom

Usage Scenes

  • Environmental monitoring in the factory
  • Environmental monitoring of warehouses
  • Environmental monitoring of plastic greenhouses

(technical) specification

Technical Specifications
Measuring range (temperature)0 ~ 70°C
Measurement accuracy (temperature)Typ. ± 0.3 °C Max. ± 0.5 °C
Resolution (temperature)0.1 °C
Measuring range (humidity)0 to 100%
Measurement accuracy (humidity) (*1)Typ. ± 2%, Max. ± 3%
Resolution (humidity)0.1%/td>
Measurement Interval5 minutes, can be changed on LoRaWAN server
transmission interval1 hour, changeable on LoRaWAN server
LoRaLoRa module (certified)
LoRa frequency band920.6 to 928.0 MHz, Japan
LoRa AntennaBuilt-in type
power (button on TV, etc.)Lithium-ion x24800mAh
Battery operation time (*2)5 years
Dimensions, etc.
housing colorWhite, gray (battery cover section)
Dimensions (mm)82.4 x 64.4 x 36.9
Weight (g)140
accessoryFor fixing battery cover x 2
Operating temperature0 to 70°C
Storage temperature-40 to 85°C
Operating humidity0 to 100%

(*1) Measurement accuracy is defined in the range of 0 to 90% RH.
(*2) Battery operation time is calculated at 0°C or less, measurement at 5-minute intervals, and data transfer every hour.