Kiwi technology 3-color display e-paper (LAS-D03)


Indicator compatible with LoRa wireless method

This electronic paper with 3-color display can check sensor data on the cloud via wireless communication. Capable of displaying white, black, and red in 3 colors with a resolution of 640 x 384 pixels on a 7.5-inch display.


  • Displays sensor data in the cloud via wireless communication.
  • White, black, and red ESLs with three-color display.
  • AC adapter driven.

(technical) specification

wirelessfrequency (esp. of waveforms)920MHz band (LoRa method)
antennaBuilt-in (2dBi)
displaytypeE-Paper Display (EPD)TFT active matrix electrophoretic display
Dimensions7.5" 163 x 99mm
resolution (e.g. display, dpi)680 x 384 pixels
Number of Display Colors3 colors (white, black, red)
power (button on TV, etc.)batteryCR2450 x 6 pcs (3 pcs shrink-wrapped each)
Operating voltage2.4 to 3V
life span3 years (at 1 screen refresh per 24 hours)
Battery replacementpossible
Other power sourcesDC 5V (Micro USB)
Conditions of use and storageOperating temperature conditions0°C to +40°C
Storage temperature conditions-20°C to +60°C
Operating humidity conditions40% to 70% RH
Storage humidity conditions40% to 70% RH
Dimensions and weightDimensions182 x 130.6 x 12mm
mass250 ± 25g