Kiwi technology HACCP-compliant temperature sensor for refrigerated freezers (LAS-604V2)


Wireless temperature monitoring sensor for refrigerators and freezers

The LAS-604V2 is a LoRaWAN-compatible temperature sensor. It uses PT100 as a probe for temperature measurement. It can support ultra-low temperature measurement conditions in certain applications such as cold chain vehicles. The sensing time can be precisely adjusted using the time synchronization function with the server.


  • Slim design
  • High precision RTD thermometer probe
  • Battery can be replaced without using tools

Usage Scenes

  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • supermarket
  • medical care

(technical) specification

Wireless Performance SpecificationsRF output Power : +13dBm (Japan); +20dBm (US)Protocol : LoRaWAN Class AFrequency : 862 ~ 932MHzAntenna Gain : <1dBi
Measuring range-60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃... Normal version -80°C ~ 200°C... Ultra Low Temperature Version
accuracy± 0.3 °C at -20 °C to 80 °C ± 0.5 °C at -40 °C to -20 °C, 80 °C to 110 °C ± 1.0 °C at -60 °C to -40 °C, 110 °C to 200 °C.... .normal version± 1.0 °C at -80 °C to -40 °C, 110 °C to 200 °C.... .ultra-low temp. version
Temperature Resolution0.1 °C
Measurement and recording intervalMeasurements are taken every 5 minutes.
transmission intervalHourly report. Interval time can be set from 1-24 hours, default value is 1 hour.
probeProbe: ɸ 2.3mm cable length : 300cm and 500cm
Operating temperature-20 ~ 70 °C
Storage temperature-30 ~ 70 °C
Dimensions66.3 x 84.5 x 32 mm (not including connectors)
weight120 g ± 15 g
Protection StandardIP64
CertificationTELEC/ VCCI/ FCC