sMedio True BD / True DVD

Blu-ray Disc player app for Windows 11 and 10 only

sMedio True BD is the latest Blu-ray/DVD playback application designed exclusively for WindowsⓇ 11 and 10.
The sMedio development team, which has extensive experience and achievements in Blu-ray players for major PC and consumer electronics manufacturers, has created a Blu-ray player that combines ease of use, fast operation, and playback compatibility with a wide variety of discs on the latest Windows 11 and 10 dedicated platforms.
We aimed to create a player application that can be used in the latest Windows 11 and 10 environments for many years to come.


Fast startup, simple button operation

Fast operation that starts up quickly when you want to use it

Specialized in the necessary functions as a Blu-ray player. Fast startup allows users to quickly start up and start using the player when they want to watch.
For example, when you want to watch your favorite disc together with family or friends, you can start watching immediately without any troublesome operations.

Simple and easy-to-use button layout for mouse and touch operation

The simple and easy-to-operate button layout that was well-received in the previous version of True BD/DVD Touch is retained. All operations can be performed with the touch of a fingertip on a touch panel compatible PC, not to mention mouse operation. The fast forward/reverse skip buttons allow you to set the number of seconds to your preference, which is useful for repeatedly playing back study materials or skipping unnecessary parts to check the content in a short period of time.

Compatible with the latest UWP (Universal Windows Platform)

The newest Windows 11 and 10 application platform "UWP" promoted by Microsoft is supported, and the screen structure is the same as the standard Windows operation method, allowing intuitive operation without having to learn detailed operation methods for each application. It is also compatible with the company's latest design method, "Fluent Design System," and features a stylish design using translucent screen effects and a visually intuitive operation feel.

Supports playback of various types of discs, including TV recording discs

Supports playback of TV recording discs created by recorders

Playback of Blu-ray/DVD discs dubbed with programs recorded by the recorder is also supported. It complies with Japanese domestic TV broadcast recording standards, and playback is possible regardless of the recorder manufacturer.

High playback compatibility from old discs to the latest titles

Playback of commercial and rental Blu-ray and DVD discs is of course supported. Based on sMedio's expertise in DVD/Blu-ray player development and compatibility verification of numerous titles, a wide range of playback compatibility has been achieved, from older discs to the latest releases.

Get it now from the Microsoft Store

Can be used immediately after installation

sMedio True BD is available exclusively as a downloadable app on the Windows 11 and 10 standard "Microsoft Store". sMedio True BD offers a 7-day free trial period so you can download and start using it now and decide after the trial period whether you want to purchase.

Easy reinstallation in case of emergency

Apps purchased for download from the Microsoft Store are automatically added to your Microsoft account library and are automatically updated to the latest version after purchase. Also, if you initialize or replace your PC, you can immediately reinstall sMedio True BD from the Microsoft Store by logging in with the same Microsoft account, eliminating the need to keep the installation disc and serial number for reinstallation, as in the past. You do not have to worry about having to keep the installation disc or serial number for reinstallation.

sMedio True DVD

For Windows 10 and Windows 11 only

operating environment

  • Supported OS: WindowsⓇ 10 Home/Pro, WindowsⓇ 10 S (April 2018 Update : version 1803 or later)
  • CPU: CPU supported by WindowsⓇ 10
  • Memory: 4 GB or more
  • Installed capacity: approx. 100 MB
  • Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics or better (latest driver compatible with WindowsⓇ 10 must be applied)
  • Display with HDCP-compliant digital connection (only for playback of Blu-ray discs and CPRM-compliant DVD discs)
  • Optical disc drive compatible with Blu-ray/DVD discs (BD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM drives)
  • Internet connection
    To play CPRM-enabled DVD discs, you will need to download an activation key from the Microsoft Store for the first time only. (Activation key is free of charge)
    *Internet connection is required for periodic renewal of AACS key. (AACS key renewal is free of charge)
    *Product updates are performed from the Microsoft Store and require an Internet connection.
    If you have a limited Internet connection or cannot log into the Microsoft Store, you may not be able to use all features.
  • Languages supported: Japanese, English

Support Disk

  • Blu-ray disc (BDMV,BDAV), DVD-Video disc, DVD-VR disc (CPRM compatible), DVD+VR disc
    Ultra HD Blu-ray (Blu-ray disc with 4K resolution) playback is not supported.
    3D playback of Blu-ray 3D discs is not supported. 2D is used for playback.
    *Playback of all Blu-ray and DVD discs is not guaranteed.


  • Use in a Windows environment configured with BootCamp or virtual software on a Macintosh and operation from a virtual drive is not covered by this warranty.
  • Operation is not guaranteed for connections to displays using conversion connectors such as HDMI to D-Sub.