Kiwi technology LoRa indoor 8-channel gateway (TLG3901BLV2)


Lightweight LoRaWAN gateway, TLG3901BLV2 with built-in LTE

The TLG3901V2 series is a lightweight LoRaWAN gateway. It is suitable for use in offices and stores. The TLG3901V2 supports full-duplex mode and can receive uplink from a node and transmit downlink at the same time. The TLG3901V2 supports full-duplex mode, allowing it to receive uplinks from nodes and transmit downlinks simultaneously. The gateway can be easily configured via the web administration screen.


  • Lightweight and excellent design
  • Multiple connectivity interfaces including LoRa, 2.4GHz, wireless, LTE, etc.
  • Micro USB for power supply
  • Plug in standard USB and 3G/4G dongles for memory expansion
  • Easy web administration for users
  • Supports full-duplex mode


  • -ist (used after a noun indicating someone's occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.)
  • company
  • school
  • shopping mall

(technical) specification

Basic Specifications
Radio Frequency920MHz band
communication system3G/LTE 2.4GHz wireless LAN wired LAN
Operating temperature0 ~ 55°C
Dimensions150.6 x 107.26 x 33 (mm) excluding protrusions
Hardware Specifications
SoCMT8516A (ARM Cortex-A35)
OSLinux v4.4 (custom version)
RF ChipSemtech SX1308
LoRa Communication StandardFrequency: 920 MHz band (920.6 MHz to 928 MHz)
3G/LTELTE FDD (B1/ B3/ B8/ B18/ B19/ B26)WCDMA (B1/ B6/ B8/ B19) using Quectel communication module (EC25-J)
SIM Slotnano SIM
wireless LAN2.4GHz (IEEE802.11bgn)
cable LAN10/100BASE-T (RJ45)
LoRa Antenna
LoRa antenna connector shapeSMA
Wireless LAN Antenna4dBi
3G/LTE Antenna0 dBi @ 699~960MHz; 2.6dBi @ 1710~2700MHz
LEDPower supply/LoRa/Wi-Fi/LTE
interfaceRJ45 x 1 Micro USB x 1 Standard USB 2.0 x 1>SMA RF antenna connector x 1
power (button on TV, etc.)USB AC adapter (5V/2A)