GreenBee Announces Sale of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery from Beijing Green Vanadium New Energy Technology Co.

GreenBee Inc. (Chuo-Ku Tokyo; CEO Sadanori Iwamoto; Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth 3913, hereafter GreenBee) today announced to sell Vanadium redox flow battery products developed and manufactured by Beijing Green Vanadium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing city China, hereafter Green V Energy).

With this agreement, GreenBee will act as a distributor and be able to receive fully support from Green V Energy for the project development, bidding, and the business development of the ESS(Energy Storage Systems) business.

Vanadium redox flow storage batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that charges and discharges through an ionic redox reaction that proceeds by pumping and circulating vanadium electrolyte.

 Compared to mainstream lithium-ion batteries, the vanadium redox flow storage battery has the following features: 1) almost no electrolyte degradation, long life of over 20 years, and stable long-term operation; 2) high safety (vanadium electrolyte is nonflammable, minimizing the risk of fire); 3) low life cycle cost due to no electrolyte replacement; and 4) flexible design of storage capacity by increasing electrolyte tank size. Taking advantage of these features, the system is being introduced to electric power companies, gas companies, industrial facilities, large factories, and other facilities that require long-term operation and high reliability.

(Mechanism of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery)

(Green V Energy Self-developed 100kW Vanadium Battery Stack)

Sadanori Iwamoto, President and Representative Director, GreenBee, Inc.
We are honored to deploy our products with the greatest possible support from Green V Energy through this agreement."

Dr. Hu Bo, CEO of Beijing Green Vanadium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.. states, “On behalf of Beijing Green Vanadium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, I am pleased to advice that according to the confirmed cooperation intention and conditions between Green V Energy and GreenBee, we will provide fully assistant to GreenBee in the project development, bidding and business development of the Energy Storage System program.”

About GreenBee, Inc.

Under the mission of “We are the company that utilizes digital technology to build a sustainable future”, GreenBee is working to create new value in three core businesses: the GX Service Business, which provides energy management services for a decarbonized society; the DX Service Business, which contributes to improved workflow; and the Technology Licensing Business, which licenses products based on our proprietary technologies.

Beijing Green Vanadium New Energy Tehcnology Co..About

Founded in October 2022, Beijing Green Vanadium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy storage innovator with pioneering technologies, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of intrinsically safe vanadium flow battery energy storage systems, as well as the development and commercialization of long-duration energy storage. Core members of Green V Energy team have participated in and led the construction of approximately 50 vanadium redox flow battery storage projects in China and abroad. 

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